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Affiliate Program

We are pleased to offer our affiliate program to bloggers that are interested in revenue sharing by directing traffic to our retail site for a percentage of the revenues that they generate.

We offer competitive percentages and with our Wordpress plugin, we offer the easiest affilate program setup on the web.

Affiliate Program Revenue Percentage

We offer a 10% payout on all orders generated through our Affiliate's links.

Wordpress Affiliate Plugin

We have created a plugin for the Wordpress Blogging Software Platform that makes it as easy as clicking a button to create your affiliate account in our system, email you with your account login, and setup your links with your affiliate id embedded. We have even gone so far as to link the article for you! All you have to do is download our Plugin into your Wordpress site, activate the plugin, and start writing articles related to the tactical industry. We automatically turn industry buzz words in your articles into links to our site with your affiliate id embedded so you will be sure to get paid for orders generated by your blog traffic. It doesn't get any easier to join an affiliate program and start blogging for profits.

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